The Benefits Of Elevator Promotional Marketing Ads

The art of promotion and advertising is one that calls for proper research and understanding of the market, the customers you wish to target and the various methods that you can use to advertise and market all that you have to offer to your customers.

When it comes to what method to choose, you’re spoilt for choices with the whole variety of ways you can advertise. Whether you wish to stick to the more traditional routes of using newspapers, flyers and magazines or embrace the more modern side of things with email marketing and SMS adverts, you have a variety of options to choose from. And right in the middle of this scale lies the method of elevator promotional marketing ads.

What’s elevator marketing?

In the most basic of definitions, elevator marketing is exactly what it sounds like. You use the doors of an elevator to market and advertise whatever you wish to. To do this, you may either use the inside or outside of the elevators and can stick your banners on the doors of the same for your prospective customers to see and understand what you have to offer.

How is it useful?

Just like any other source of marketing, using an elevator to advertise also has its fair share of advantages when pitted against its counterparts. Some of these advantages are

  • Cost effective

When compared to renting out a giant billboard or using up a section of the local daily, elevator marketing is a much more cost effective measure as in the long run, it gives higher returns on investment when compared to other means

  • Wide reach

An elevator depending on where it’s installed can have a large number of people using it. And advertising on a regularly used elevator allows you to reach a large number of people depending on how many accesses it on a daily basis.

  • Easier to recollect

The toughest part of advertising is to get people to remember what it was about. An elevator can help with this better than other mediums. This is because the more you see something in front of you, the higher are the chances of it getting stuck at the back of your mind. This makes it easier to recollect what the advertisement was about

Elevator advertising is also extremely useful because of how close one stands to it when compared to a billboard or a flyer at the back of a bus which one sees from some distance away. When advertising, if one uses catchy phrases, taglines and images it can help incaptivate elevator advertising, which means that the person who sees the advertisement is captivated by it. This can also help make the advertisement more memorable and easier to recall for the ones who need to remember it.

Elevator marketing is an effective and cost friendly tool to use for advertising. It can reach a targeted group of people and help bring in prospective customers to purchase and make use of the goods and services you have to offer.