Why to Buy the New 2020 Mazda 3?

People can browse through a lot of options when it comes to buying a Mazda car. However, one of the most preferred cars from this brand is Mazda 3. More people are opting to purchase this vehicle from Phoenix Mazda dealership for a number of factors. Before ordering this compact car for yourself, know about it in detail as to why you should buy it. 

Different available style 

One of the reasons why this vehicle became popular in the first place is due to the fact that it is available in a hatchback trim as well as a sedan. Different people have different preferences, which is whether you like a sedan or hatchback, you can get it all by choosing Mazda 3 2020 version. Also, apart from the style, there are very few minor changes in both cars; thus, choosing either one will offer one the full satisfaction of driving a Mazda 3. 

Four-cylinder powerful engine 

Both the sedan and hatchback comes with four-cylinder 2.5L engine that boosts 186 horsepower. Manual transmission is available on AWD hatchback choice and sedan comes with standard automatic option. 

However, Mazda has stated that it might debut SkyActiv engine too which will be more fuel efficient due to its compression ignition method. What makes people opt for this vehicle is its quick response to gas inputs. However, both sedan and hatchback version offers a quality and smooth ride which is missing from most of its competitors. 

It offers a mileage of 27 mpg in city and 36 mpg on highway which is quite the same as some of its competitors in this vehicle category. Though it might be not the most fuel efficient car, but it is right up there with its rivals.  

Price of hatchback and sedan 

The sedan’s base model’s price is $21,500. The Select, Preferred and Premium option costs $22,700, $24,200 and $26,500 respectively. However, these are the prices of the FWD sedan trims. The sedan AWD models costs Select $24,100, preferred $$25,600, and Premium costs $27,900. 

Now coming to hatchback models; three versions are available in FWD and AWD drivetrain. The base model costs $23,700. Preferred version costs $25,200, and Premium package comes at $27,500. All these prices are for FWD and automatic transmission trim. Premium with FWD drivetrain is the only model available with manual transmission too. The AWD versions of the hatchback will cost one $1,400 more than its FWD prices. Know about prices more from Mazda near Phoenix

Safety aspects 

NHTSA has scored this Mazda vehicle a 5 star rating and is considered by all authorities to be one of the safest vehicles to drive. It is equipped with numerous safety features along with driver assistance such as warning for departing from a lane, lane assistance, alerts for forward collision and traffic crossing in the rear area, monitor all blind positions, etc. 

These are the things, which is why you should buy the new Mazda 3. It will fulfill all of your requirements and offers a driving experience that no other can provide. Hence, get yours today from the dealer without any delay.