Why The Investors Like This Axis Dynamic Equity Fund?

The axis bank is providing a lot of the schemes to the investors and this will help them to get the big amount easily. This will be the good one for even the people who are having the less amount of the investment. The axis dynamic equity fund is special when the investors spend one year to get the benefit. The profit for the fund will be achieved only if the investors make the investment for one year. This tenure period will be more beneficial even if they have the chance to reap the amount before themselves.

What is unique in this axis dynamic equity fund?

The investors can use this kind of scheme if they are having experience in the investment scheme. They can use the sip plan for investing the amount and getting a huge amount at the end of the maturity paid. Above the seven percent of the interest rate is achieved during the time of the maturity. You can make the investment in the sip plan and also in the lumpsum one. The sip is the best option as this will give an increased interest rate than the normal one. It is also much simple for the people to withdraw that money in between more easily.

The minimum amount of investment in the sip plan is thousand only but it will be five times greater if you are investing in the lump sum mode. Usually, people can able to redeem their money in between the maturity period as this is full of liquidity. But if the withdrawal amount has crossed the particular limited then the investors need to pay one percent of the tax. This fund is having a portfolio of equity, equity link, debt, and money market instruments. This will help the investors to gain the amount at the end of the maturity period.

You will avoid the fifteen percent of tax when you redeem after one year. But if the redeeming amount has exceeded the one lakh rupees then the investor’s money is deducted with the ten percent tax. This will allow investors to compound their money. The axis dynamic equity fund holders will never find the assurance for the return of the money at the end. The long term and the medium-term goals can be achieved and so you will find this fund useful at the end. Even the foreign investors, non resident Indians and the Indian people who are staying abroad can use this fund to make the investment.

What is the benefit of this dynamic equity fund?

  • The equity, debt and money market instruments can be controlled by this fund constantly.
  • The investors are no need to keep tracking of the fund market fluctuations.
  • This fund will provide the equity tax.
  • In this fund, the investors never face much loss from their capital gain.
  • In this scheme, you will not find any entry load but for the exit load, one percent is charged.