Why Fully Autonomous Cars Aren’t Still on the Roads?

Fully autonomous cars or self-driving cars have created a new chapter in the history of the automotive industry, where technology is replacing the need of human interference altogether in the mode of road transport.

But we don’t see those cars yet to be running on roads, even though the concept is nowhere for more than a few years. So, what’s stopping them from being available as often as regular cars? Let us find out from the auto experts of the Burnsville Chevrolet dealer with whom we discussed the same.

Safety and Liability

When it comes to cars running on roads, the very first thing that comes in our mind is the safety of people inside and outside the cars. So, when you leave a driver-less car on the road, and it gets trapped into an accident, the laws and liability part isn’t yet clear, in many states, as whom to blame, and who should pay for the loss. As self-driven cars are completely based on technology and mechanisms, neither safety can be guaranteed fully, nor can the post-accident steps can be ensured. If a system fails for some reason, nobody is sure what could go wrong and how to come out of the trap. Even though the technologies used in a self-driven car is supposed to have taken into consideration all these aspects, we can see people to feel hesitant about experimenting their lives with this new-found machine that runs without a human mind controlling its tires.


We can surely guess, that the aspect of usability is another reason why the self-driven cars have not yet picked up the momentum in the automotive market. When we talk about the fully autonomous car, the safety aspect of which is still under surveillance, can’t be really used on a daily basis, unless the test drive reports are coming out full-proof safe for quite a while. We would dare not use it when children are to be transported, it can’t be till now used as a daily commuter, unless the cost factor makes it cheaper than the regular cars. If we speak about premium luxury cars, self-driven cars might not sound that dependable unless the safety records of these cars are impressively regular for some more years. On the other hand, people are expecting these cars to be more efficient in driving through more diverse driving situations.

Affordability and Drive Fun

The experts at the Burnsville Chevrolet concluded that enough engaging a driver will cost a lot of money, many will not want to invest the same amount on the newly found technologies, even though they can afford it. Then come those owners who own a car, because they love the act of driving. The self-driven cars won’t be that affordable right now, that can replace the budget cars of daily commute, unless the market demand for these cars go higher than the regular ones.

Most people will not prefer to bring home a fully autonomous car, that are till now trapped in so many doubts. The only way to see these cars making good business, is their safety scores that should be tested in all possible ways, before we trust it enough to allow a human life travel inside it.