Why Badam Rogan Oil Is Good For Your Hair

All of you might have heard of herbal badam rogan oil for your hair? The common name for this oil is sweet almond oil and this is oil mainly imported from Afghanistan. At an internal or external level there are various benefits of this oil. Because of its zero cholesterol properties it can be consumed as well.

This oil is light in colour, odourless and in Ayurveda this oil is to put to use for treating dark circles, premature hair whitening or blemishes. The oral intake of this medicine helps in constipation, insomnia and memory loss.

How badam rogan oil for hair is to be applied

A step by step procedure is followed on how to apply this oil on to your hair

  • Your hair has to be rinsed by combing- Firstly you have to apply warm water on to your hair, and with a comb to remove the tangle For conditioning your hair apply Badam oil.
  • Badam oil is to be heated- You have to heat this oil for 30 seconds till it goes on to become warm. First you have to touch the oil in order to check out the temperature before you go on to apply it on to your hair. The outer cuticles of the hair can be opened up with this oil
  • Application to the scalp- You have to undertake proper massaging of this oil around your scalp which has to be the root areas of your hair. By following this procedure the hair is going to become strong and even stimulate the growth of new hair. Once you regularly massage it is going to reduce formation of dandruff.
  • You have to use wide teethed comb- the reason why you need to use a wide teethed comb is because it is going to dispense the oil properly. You have to make sure that the hair is coated with a small tinge of oil.
  • The hair has to be covered overnight- the hair has to be covered with a scarf or a shower cap for an hour as the oil would be absorbed in the skin. When it is a dry hair you have to leave it overnight
  • Shampooing the hair- the method of washing comes into play. You have to apply shampoo evenly before you are going to apply this oil so that the hair is not going to look a lot oily. Then the hair has to be washed in a proper way
  • Drying the hair- Now you have to pat the towel on to the hair and allow it to dry. Now you have to open the hair dry for a week so that they can behave normally as they can blow instantly after washing
  • Keep on repeating this procedure after regular intervals- You have to repeat this process after regular intervals so that you have your hair nourished with proper nutrients and even hair related issues are solved.

To sum it up the ingredients that are present in Badam Roghan oil is beneficial for your hair and skin.