Why Are Mortuary Cabinets Important

It often happens that a loved one has passed away and all the close relatives are scattered all over the place. To come at a short notice is very difficult for people, especially the ones who live out of the country. Sometimes children who live outside would want to see the face of their parent one last time before they leave them forever.

This is why mortuary cabinets are required. You can book dead body freezer box easily nowadays. Mortuary cabinets are low temperature cabinets that keep dead bodies in them for a short or a long period of time, depending on how long it will take the people in question to come. Mortuary units are therefore used widely in a few places like airports, hospitals, railways, army and disaster camps. These cabinets are known by a numer of names like mortuary fridge, morgue freezer, dead body storage refrigerator etc. Usually the temperature of a mortuary cabinet is kept between 5-6 degree Celsius but some bodies are also kept at sub zero temperatures, around -10 degree celcius, once they start becoming older.

Mortuary cabinet manufacturers

Mortuary cabinet manufacturers are everywhere and a cabinet is usually available in a number of varities, from one to an eight body cabinet. Usually these cabinets are extremely energy efficient and have a good cooling performance that does not detoriate with time.

These cabinet temperatures remain constant but can be adjusted with the help of a digital PID controller which displays not just a set value (SV) but also displays a PV, process value. More or less every chamber has an inbuilt trolley that is made of stainless steel and is put on top of rollers. The doors are pretty much solid and are fixed on hinges. Most of the standard cabinets are made out of GI sheet that is powder coated.

Most of these cabinets have solid insulated doors, CFC free systems, a compressor that is hermetically sealed, axial fan with an LED light illumination. It also has a temperature chart recorder, temperature alarm for any changes required and a voltage stabilizer.

Where are mortuary cabinets used the most 

Once the relation of the decased arrives then finally the funeral proceedings can start. However the importance of mortuary cabinets must emphasised. A mortuary is mostly used to keep the deceased who are awaiting identification. This happens a lot in war zones where a lot of unidentified bodies need to be kept. Sometimes autopsy or post mortem needs to be done for which a mortuary becomes essential. However, the storage of a corpse can vary anywhere from a few weeks to a few hours. A mortuary cabinet or a dead body freezer box service saves corpses from getting decomposed, which is why all modern health care facilitators have a cold room that has a mortuary refrigerator inside them. With such an extensive use of these fridges, many mortuaries have come with up a number of features that enhance the usability of these mortuaries. This way bodies can be kept for longer.

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