What Should be Covered in OnePlus Mobile Screen Protection Plan?

In the 1st quarter of 2020, OnePlus has emerged as the third topmost selling premium smartphone in India. Its smart features and attractive design add to its value significantly and has increased its popularity among smartphone users significantly.

Besides an increase in the smartphone brand’s popularity, there has also been a massive surge in demand for OnePlus insurance policies. The fact that it is a premium smartphone brand and each of its parts come at a high price emphasise the need to avail a financial cover. For instance, the cost of replacing the screen of OnePlus 8 Pro is around Rs.16,300, while it will cost users around Rs.5,500 to replace its rear camera.

Individuals who have an active phone insurance policy will be able to get the expenses of repair and replacement covered quite easily. Regardless, to make the most of such insurance plans, they must be careful when it comes to selecting a plan based on the coverage offered.

Extent of coverage

The extended warranty of an OnePlus mobile phone mostly includes hardware malfunction and manufacturing defects. Typically, it does not include accidental damages to either the device or its parts.

Individuals should consider a Oneplus insurance that covers most types of damages. Furthermore, they should look for customised insurance plans to get specific parts of their devices covered successfully.

For instance, Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like the Mobile Screen Insurance plan includes damages caused to the smartphone’s screen under several situations.

Typically, a screen insurance policy covers damages from the following –

  • Any mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Damage due to explosion, fire, implosion, lightning, etc.
  • Damages due to natural or man-made calamities.
  • Internal or external screen damage due to dropping.
  • Internal screen damage due to liquid spillage.
  • Damage during robbery or break-in.

Notably, an OnePlus screen insurance policy covers the expenses related to smartphone’s screen damage. Individuals who intend to insure other vital accessories like their phone charger may check out the coverage of mobile charge insurance policy for a better idea.

Additionally, insurance policies are available for other devices. For example, those having a tablet computer can insure the same with a handheld tablet device insurance plan.

Subsequently, besides the extent of coverage offered by an OnePlus insurance policy, one must also weigh in some other vital factors to judge its merit.

Features to check in a mobile insurance plan

Here is a list of features that often helps to weigh the effectiveness of an OnePlus protection plan better –

  • Sum assured and premium

Both the value of sum assured and the premium of an insurance policy plays a vital role while deciding the merit of a particular OnePlus phone insurance plan. Individuals should make it a point to look for a mobile insurance policy which offers a high coverage value and can be availed at an affordable premium. This will help policyholders to meet financial liabilities pertaining to the handset effectively in a cost-effective manner.

  • Application process

Individuals should also find out the requirements that need to be fulfilled to avail a particular OnePlus mobile insurance policy. Typically, leading insurance aggregators accept an online application to keep the process smooth and hassle-free. By simply visiting the website and filling out the application form, one can initiate the application process successfully.

  • Claim process

Choosing an OnePlus damage protection plan which requires individuals to follow a quick and simple claim process proves to be the most effective. Customers should always select a mobile insurance policy which allows them to raise a claim both online and offline and helps to initiate the same as per their convenience. Also, they must find out more about the documentation process to understand if the policy will be able to provide timely help or not.

Therefore, an effective OnePlus accidental damage protection would include unintended damages and will also leave room to avail additional coverage. Besides the extent of coverage, individuals must pay close attention to the features and terms of an insurance policy to judge its merit.