What is the Solution for Getting Rid of Too Much Bigger Breast?

For women with too much bust, breast reduction surgery can be crucial in improving the quality of life. The operation not only reduces the breast but also saves the woman from various problems of a physical and psychological nature. Too big breasts can cause pain in the back, neck, shoulders and other health problems. Of all the plastic surgeries, breast reduction surgery is ranked first according to patient satisfaction data. With very large, heavy mammary glands, a woman experiences a number of problems. She may have:

  • pain in the back, shoulders, neck,
  • spinal deformity,
  • violation of posture
  • skin irritation, diaper rash,
  • problems with sleep due to the fact that it is impossible to take a comfortable posture, etc.

Often, discomfort arises due to the fact that bra straps are pressed on the skin, and the process of selecting underwear itself causes a lot of difficulties.

With age, the breast begins to sag, the skin stretches: the larger the size, the more pronounced the changes.

All these problems can be solved with the help of surgical intervention, during which the doctor removes the excess volume of the gland.

The purpose of the operation is not just to reduce the size of the mammary gland, but also to give it an aesthetic appearance while maintaining sensitivity.

How is the Breast Reduction Executed?

Two stages of the procedure can be distinguished:

  • Removal of gland tissue.
  • Correction of the nipple-areola complex (as a rule, a tightening or reduction of the stretched areola is required).

During breast reduction surgery, excess tissue, and breast skin are cut out and it becomes more proportional to the body. The breast areola also decreases or moves. Breast reduction under anesthesia is performed.

Success depends on the skill of the doctor during the operation, and on the careful observance of all the recommendations of the doctor by the patient in the postoperative period. During it are strictly prohibited:

  • any physical activity on the shoulder girdle,
  • vertical loads
  • arms raised above the head,
  • carrying weights.

It is very important to wear compression underwear during this period.

Breast reduction surgery in India is considered a more complex procedure than breast augmentation, so when preparing for it, it is very important to choose the right clinic and surgeon who has experience in performing such operations. Some of the greatest Clinics have experienced plastic surgeons – candidates of medical sciences. Thanks to the high qualifications of all specialists, modern equipment and careful observance of safety measures, their patients can be sure that they will get an excellent result.

Back into the Shape Again

The operation to lift or change the shape of the breast is usually chosen by women who want their breasts to be firmer, taller and look as young as possible. By raising the breast, she can renew the female figure, improve the shape of the lowered breast, thus allowing the woman to feel more beautiful and attractive.