Watch: Mayanti Langer Trolls Sanjay Manjrekar With Ravindra Jadeja Quip

Asia Cup 2022: Sanjay Manjrekar’s co-moderator Mayanti Langer didn’t pass up a chance to savage him with a Ravindra Jadeja reference.

Since Sanjay Manjrekar’s “pieces and pieces cricketer” remark on Ravindra Jadeja, the previous India hitter frequently winds up toward the finish of a couple of jokes at whatever point the star all-rounder performs well. Amazingly, he, when all is said and done, endures it and, surprisingly, asked Jadeja after India’s success over Pakistan in the Asia Cup on Sunday on the off chance that he was “alright” to converse with him. Jadeja too chuckled accordingly and said he definitely approved of, the two of them apparently having put the episode behind them.

In any case, Manjrekar’s kindred moderator Mayanti Langer was maybe not finished with the jokes at this time.

Before the beginning of Afghanistan’s match against Bangladesh on Tuesday, Manjrekar, Langer and Scott Styris were examining the India-Pakistan match and the subject of delayed over rate came up.

The two India and Pakistan were punished for keeping a delayed over-rate in the match in Sunday and the two groups needed to bring an additional defender inside the 30-yard circle in the last couple of overs because of the new ICC rule.

We have seen that a ton of spinners could do without to bowl in the demise for what it’s worth. Indeed, even the incomparable Rashid Khan loves it. Presently assuming you have one less defender to safeguard, it implies he needs to change his whole procedure on the lines he needs to bowl specifically. Groups attempt to safeguard one side of the limit instead of have parts of two and two on the limits on one or the other side. So those are the changes that must be made and thus they need to finish their spinners a little prior now,” Styris thought regarding this situation.

He was chatting on the scenery of Pakistan saving left-arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz for the last finished – a move which didn’t pay off for them.

Manjrekar, nonetheless, had an easier idea to groups to manage the delayed over rate issue.

I have an exceptionally speedy arrangement and an extremely straightforward strategy. Simply bowl your overs faster,” he joked.

This is when Mayanti Langer contributed with a comical interposition.

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Sanjay, not every person is Ravindra Jadeja,” she said prior to breaking into chuckling and adding “I needed to make it happen.

Manjrekar, astounded at first by the remark, rushed to answer, saying “great one”.

Jadeja, obviously, is known for bowling his overs rather rapidly.