Use These AI-Powered Tool for Social Media Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword in the tech world for more than half a decade now. Before that, it was designated to be used in movies and literature. As 2019 draws to a close, the common consensus on AI is that it will be a definitive part of digital marketing.

AI will become sweeping changes to digital marketing, finding immensely potent and innovative ways of segmenting and reaching audiences. Social media will be an obvious area where AI could bring unforeseen changes. From improving data analysis to playing a key role in polishing social media planning and automating post creation, a lot of things would change with AI’s arrival.

A large part of success in digital marketing is down to awareness. Some marketers do better than others because they are better informed about new updates and tools being launched in the market.

In this article, we seek to inform and educate readers about AI-driven tools that are changing the way marketers approach social media. Those interested in crafting the best possible social media campaign must make note of the tools discussed below.


Socialbakers is especially popular amongst social media executives heavily invested in influencer marketing.

With Socialbakers, marketers get an AI-powered social media tool that provides cutting edge audience analysis, scheduling tools, an analytics dashboard, and most importantly, an influencer discovery and monitoring platform.

Any brand with money to invest in social media looks to invest in influencers. The reason is simple. Influencers wield the power to start real discussions on social media and skyrocket the mentions of a brand. In times when a brand needs to promote something or increase traffic or leads, influencers become a special booster.

With Socialbakers, brands can identify influencers best suited to reach their target audience. Socialbakers’ AI-driven data analysis can compare samples of audiences to find which influencer matches with the brand. These recommendations can help a brand get the right influencers to promote their brand.


Before running a promoted social media campaign, marketers end up debating every little detail of the ad copy. Getting one word wrong can lead to a campaign not producing the expected results.

Phrasee helps solve this problem.

By analyzing previous email and social media campaigns, Phrasee is able to predict how a given ad copy will perform if deployed. Furthermore, it also has the capability of drafting an ad copy automatically. The content drafted is done based on how specific phrases, words, and CTA messages have performed in the past.

Those who depend on paid social media to drive their brand mentions and awareness, using Phrasee is a no-brainer.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers two important AI tools used extensively by social marketers to improve the performance of their campaign.

About the Author – Ankit Yadav is a professional blogger and marketing expert with many years of experience in the field. He currently writes for Eduburg, an institute best-known for its digital marketing course in Delhi