Top 8 European Countries You Should Visit

When you propose to go to Europe, it’s so tempting to do everything – to go to each unmarried city of our planet’s most diverse continent – stand on top of the Eiffel Tower, view the beautiful town of London atop the London Eye, Ski down the majestic Alps, buy a cuckoo clock in Germany, to name some or simply indulge on an outstanding journey!

But off the path, whether you were planning for a solo trip or family vacation trip. Visiting all these places is such an amazing and exciting moment ever. Even, reach here is very easy now by getting the british airways reservations. The most preferred and common way to reach all these places easily and at a very affordable rate. Even, I have chosen this way.  And I really love it.

Here the top 8 European Countries You Should Visit.

United Kingdom

Start your top 10 European international locations excursion via exploring the duration of the UK from London all of the way as much as Scotland thru Wales. Cover the Lake District and different old fashioned little towns en path, exploring the college towns of Cambridge and Oxford. Visit the northern parts of Scotland for sheer untouched, natural splendor and medieval castles. You will sense like preventing at each flip to seize it to your digicam! Take a ferry or fly to Northern Island and relax at the maximum first-rate beaches, ingesting fish and chips!


The herbal splendor of the majestic Alps, placid lakes, castles, museums, old fashioned villages, cosmopolitan towns, shopping for watches and fine writing contraptions, Swiss knives, and cutlery among different specialties. Wine tasting, goodies, cheeses, and the first-rate delicacies, that’s Switzerland for you!


Visiting France is just feels like you were visiting Paris. But there’s greater to France than simply the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and other well-known landmarks of Paris. It’s an area for beautiful seashores along the Riviera, fantastic surroundings, ancient and picturesque chateaus, or even some amazing wildlife parks. Cycle via the rolling geographical region of the Champagne vicinity and the Chamonix Valley or force thru parts of the French geographical region to experience a culinary adventure with excellent French food and wine.


‘The Sound of Music’ is the primary factor that comes to mind after I consider Austria – rolling hills, the snow-capped Alps in the background, and the crystal clear lakes. Well,  Austria is also known for the western classical song, with famous composers like Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss who have been either born or lived right here. Their compositions are played in world-famous live performance halls with the aid of the nice orchestras just like the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Apart from the cultural aspect, Austria has a few stunning medieval palaces along with some fantastic modern-day structure. With all this to provide, Austria deservedly qualifies as one of the top 10 European nations.


Germany is a beautiful part of Europe and has plenty to offer. Its contribution to the sector of the classical tune is indisputable – experience the compositions of incredible composers like Bach and Beethoven, played by means of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. It additionally has a rich legacy of artwork and architecture. Their meals is likewise an extreme depend. Enjoy healthy and hearty dishes with a big choice of sausages alongside a tumbler of draft beer. As you know, Oktoberfest is a well-known beer festival across Germany. Roam the Black Forest vicinity and the fairytale castles. Take a cruise down the Rhine and experience picturesque wine tours.


Chocolates and Belgium move hand in hand! But did you recognize that this USA is likewise the actual birthplace of French fries? So prepare to go away your weight-reduction plan mind in the back of and head to Belgium for yummy fluffy waffles with mayo-dipped fries. After you are satiated with some of the hundred and 70,000 tonnes of chocolate and candy this is produced right here every yr, wall off those energy exploring the antique world allure of Belgium with its fairytale castles and cobbled streets. Visit Ghent, the university metropolis to peer some beautiful churches6fFV6 and evidence of its medieval history.


Visit the lovely cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, and Delft to get an actual Dutch sense. Sample Dutch meals and flavor Dutch beer. Understand the works of famous painters like Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Experience the splendid outside on a bike or a hike or simply relax on the sandy beaches and sail thru the canals. You ought to go to the sector-well-known Tulip Gardens at Keukenhof and see the miniature town of Madurodam.


The Vatican is the smallest USA in the world. It has a population of 770 but none of them are everlasting citizens. It has been the house of the Pope because of the 14th century and therefore the religious center of Roman Catholics internationally. Apart from Roman Catholics, many vacationers are interested in the Vatican to peer Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel where Michelangelo spent years mendacity on his lower back painting its ceiling.

Last words

From the beauty and cherish of these European places with warm sunshine to these top 8 European countries you should visit for an amazing and perfect holiday trip ever. Just visit the copa airlines official site and explore great deals and packages on your European country’s vacation trip. So that you can begin making plans to spend precious time over there with your family and friends. Or can explore it on your own.