Top 6 Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter

Twitter has very fast emerged as one of the most powerful internet marketing tools. If you are running a blog and want to turn it into a big success, you must learn how to get more followers on twitter, as it can help you get more traffic to your blog. Eventually, the increased traffic will give a boost to your blog revenue.

You just cannot afford to ignore twitter if you are looking out for proven ways on how to achieve an enhanced, more impressive online presence for your blog. The more twitter followers you have footlocker homeview, the better the success your blog will enjoy. The following are the six latest techniques that will help you achieve your goal easily, within a much shorter frame of time than you can imagine.

Get Your Twitter Profile Optimized For Search Engines

Top search engines like Google and Bing now include entries from twitter in their search results. For example, if a user searches for a keyword ‘yoga mat’, the search engines also provide tweets and twitter profiles related to that keyword in their search results. This way, if your tweet profiles, as well as tweets, are SEO optimized, it will help you get more followers on twitter. Optimizing your twitter profile means incorporating the most highly searched keywords and keyword phrases that are related to your blog.

You can expect much better results if you are using those keywords within your tweets also. But remember, you must avoid an overdose of keywords. If you do, you will put your twitter profile at risk of getting banned by major search engines. Besides that, even if search engines do not ban your profile, it will turn out to be a big turn off for the readers of your tweets. Therefore, the quality of your message must still be your top priority while you should try to use a moderate volume of the right set of keywords as naturally as possible.

Brand Yourself

Many people do the mistake of keeping the default background and avatar on their twitter page, which can be very harmful. By having a customized background and avatar, you send a message to your existing and prospective readers that you are serious about what you are doing, that you are a ‘real’ person, and that you are quite worthy of being followed. To ensure you get more followers on twitter, you are also advised to fill out all your profile fields besides using a custom background and uploading a unique avatar, such as your picture. Very soon, people will start recognizing you with the unique look that you have given to your profile page.


Include Humor In Your Tweets

People love to laugh. Indeed, you may not use humor in all your tweets, but you must try to use it in at least a couple of tweets every day. Writing humorous tweets that make people laugh or at least smile is a wonderful way to get noticed. But, make sure you understand the difference between being ‘witty’ and being ‘very funny’ because sometime being-very-funny sounds stupid. By presenting yourself as stupid, you insult your followers. So, do not do that. You do not have to be rude or make yourself sound stupid to make your tweets humorous. You will have to be a little smart to get more followers on twitter. Therefore, keep your tweets relevant and add some wit into it – that should do the job.

Keep Sharing A Large Volume Of Interesting And Useful Information

A very simple rule of thumb is – the more you tweet, the more people will follow you. But, you need to make sure that the tweets you are posting contain useful and very interesting information for your readers. Quantity matters, but quality matters more. If you are using your twitter profile as part of your internet marketing strategies for your blog, you will first have to write an interesting and meaningful article, and when you post the same on your blog, you must also share it through your tweets. The larger the number of quality articles you write, the larger the volume of tweets you will have, which will eventually help you get more followers on twitter.

Follow Other People

The more people you follow on Twitter, the more followers you can expect – that’s another very simple rule. But, you should follow only those who are with the same domain as you. When you respond to their tweets and appreciate their efforts, they are also very much likely to respond accordingly. When someone with a large number of followers starts following you, the chances are that their followers will also sooner or later join you. As you can see, if you work on this strategy thoroughly, it can act as a chain reaction and can turn out to be a very powerful way to get more followers on twitter.

Do Not Follow People From Other Fields

Since your primary goal is to enhance the online presence of your blog, you should keep your twitter profile dedicated for this purpose only. If you are tempted to follow those in other fields, you can consider using another twitter id for the same. With this twitter ID, which you are using to popularize your blog, you should be very careful about who you are following on twitter. Though following others is also very important if you want to get more followers on twitter, it is just that you should follow people who are sharing information on the subject that you are dealing within your blog.

There can be plenty of other ways as well. For example, you must also follow your followers. When you follow people who follow you best game Pubg Pc Download, it helps in building trust. Your followers would love such gestures. Besides that, you are also advised not to share just links from your blog. This will make your profile page look very boring. Therefore, you must also share other interesting stuff, such as participating in a discussion on the latest developments and happenings in your chosen field.