Top 5 Cakes Which Will Add Glitter And Glamour In New Year Party

Since the month of December starts, Christmas and New Year celebration preparation starts in every home. After all, it is Christmas Eve and then New Year’s eve. So today, we are talking about the New Year party, which basically happens on the 31st night. For so many people, the New Year party is one of the most important and biggest parties of the year. Some people throw a grand party for New Year and some people celebrate with their close ones only. But the feeling of the party is the same. Basically, when I say New Year party, what are the things that come to mind? Let me guess, a beautiful venue, sparkling decor, delicious food, rocking music, carefree dance, gifts, flowers, friends, family, a special one, games, lots of selfies, resolutions, and the most important thing yummy and glamourous new year cake. Yes, cake because without cake what celebration and fun. Without cake, you can’t have a New Year’s party, feel. And yes, one more thing we forget above, that last ten seconds countdown. So today, I will tell you about 5 cakes which will add the glamour to your party.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Right now everybody has become a fitness freak except for some people like me. But I want to tell you one thing. It doesn’t matter how big of a fitness freak you are. From Christmas to New Year forget about the diet, food, and fitness, and enjoy this New Year chocolate cake.  But I know so many of the guests will be still super strict, and they will avoid having cake. But this peanut butter chocolate cake is not only glamorous but healthy too. So you and your guest can have this cake as much as they want. And you can see how beautiful this cake is decorated.

Vanilla Sponge With Chocolate Cake

This cake is just like its name, totally different from look to taste. Now, I am sure you understand its flavor and taste. Actually, you will understand the taste when you order this cake at your New Year party. The look of this cake says a different story. This cake looks and tastes both totally designed according to the New Year party. So whatever your party, it will adjust completely to it. To give it a party look, a splash of edible gold is used in it. And it looks totally adorable. If you can’t get this cake from your nearby baker. I would suggest finding online. You just need to order a New Year cake online, and it will be at your door. In fact, you can get a discount on it also. Just like you order online flower delivery in gurgaon.

Knitted Cake

I know, it looks so unique. But trust me this cake will make lots of noise at the party. And it’s all because of its unique look. This cake will add glitter to your New Year party. And yes, it is perfect for the New Year party, because it totally compliments the cold weather and season. So without thinking much just order this cake for your New Year party. And yes, the top of this cake is so pretty and this cake is delicious too.

Pink Velvet Cake

This cake totally describes the mood of the party. You are a party person or not, but this cake will force you to do a party. The decor of this cake is just wow. The lighting, balls are just enhancing the beauty of this cake and giving it a glamorous look. The color or this cake, the texture of this cake, and taste, everything is just mind-blowing. Actually, I should say mind-blasting. If someone is far from you this year. Don’t send New Year flowers only, send this cake. And yes, one thing I forget to tell you. There are lots of e-commerce sites, who do flower and chocolate bouquet delivery in Bangalore, giving a huge discount. So don’t miss it.

Christmas tree design New Year Cake

As I said so many times, Christmas and New Year are like twins. So you will definitely see a glimpse of it. And this cake will definitely be the star of the New Year party. Because this cake just gives a positive New Year vibe. So you can consider this too.

So, that’s it for today. These five glamorous and glittery cakes will make your party super shining and exciting. You will get lots of compliments for the cake more than your look. So now, choose your favorite cake among these, and get ready for a fire at the party.