Things You Should Do And Avoid When In Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most tourist spots in Rajasthan. People from across the world make it a point to visit this place and hence, put it in the priority list when planning to tour India. This city is quite appealing in almost every field, be it culture, history, heritage, palaces, food, etc. It has managed to etch a name for itself permanently in the hearts of tourists of all ages. It is also called by different names like city of lakes, Venice of the East, etc. There are several mesmerizing man-made lakes here, thus earning the name city of lakes. You are sure to be struck by its beauty. Your stay can be made all the more luxurious and enjoyable by booking the taj lake palace Udaipur. Your family is sure to feel proud with your decision to travel to this city and stay at this 5 star hotel.

What things to not indulge in during the trip to Udaipur?

When travelling to this city and trying to explore it, you should however, try to avoid doing a few things. Only then will you have a wonderful trip that will leave behind pleasant memories that can be shared with others back home. You can also enjoy the mind-blowing images that you will come across at different exotic locations that the city boasts about.

  • Avoid uttering a single bad word with regards to Fatehnagar: For a long time, Fatehnagar is regarded to be the city’s very heart. You can find people of all ages chilling by the lake side during the day time throughout the year. Again, during weekends, you can find the place to be flooded with locals and tourists alike. You can enjoy nature here to the fullest. This is rather the very essence of this place. Hence, if you say something bad about this lake, then the locals here are likely to get somewhat defensive or might want to change your opinion about it.
  • Do not imagine Udaipur to be just another ordinary city: Some tourists might consider Udaipur to be just another small town located in Rajasthan and has nothing to explore. This is something that you should avoid. The fact is that in terms of area covered, this city is small. But, it can be rightly termed to be an ocean within a single drop and not merely a drop in ocean. The small size of this city can favour your movement a lot. There is no need to travel for several hours to reach another important tourist spot, something that is common with other big metros. Those places may require you to travel a lot and still visit only a couple of tourist places. But in Udaipur, you will be able to travel about half of the interesting locales within 24 hours. This is definitely an added perk to travellers on a short time vacation.
  • Don’t miss out visiting the different palaces located here: Palaces are the main attractions in this city and its outskirts. Udaipur boasts of having a rich culture, heritage and history. This city through its folksongs speaks galore about its brave Rajput kings, queens and soldiers. When forts and royal palatial properties are concerned, this city is not second to any other city in the country. Rather, it is proudly known as ‘The royal city’. You can find here numerous forts and palaces that are connected directly with its rulers who once had ruled Mewar during its glorious years. Mewar comprised of Udaipur and other Rajputana cities. Some of the monuments that still stand to provide testimony to its past glorious times include palaces like the Lake Palace, City Palace, etc. and forts like Kumbhalgarh Fort, Sajangarh Fort, etc. These monuments are still intact and can be visited by the tourists to explore its beauty and architecture.
  • Avoid taking random junk food for your meal: During the visit to this fort city, avoid filling up your stomach with junk food that is easily available in the streets and stalls. Rather, you should visit one of the local restaurants here that serve traditional Rajasthani cuisine. It comprise of Daal Baati Churma. This delicious delight is a must have and should not be missed out. The other delicacies that you are sure to love are Laal Maans for non-vegetarians, Ghatte ki sabzi, Ker Sangri, Rajma, etc. They are all traditional Rajasthani food, fully delicious and you are sure to want to order them again.
  • Do remember to praise the different lakes present in & around the city: The city boasts of having about 11 man-made lakes in total. These were created with the purpose to conserve water throughout the year in this otherwise desert land to provide cleaning drinking water for its citizens. You are sure to be astonished of a small city having so many lakes. The famous ones are Pichola, Fatehsagar, Udai Sagar and Badi Lake. The other lakes in the city are Dudh Talai, Swaroop Sagar, Purohito ka Talaab, Madaar, Goverdhan Sagar, Rajsamand Lake and Jaisamand Lake. One shocking fact surrounding these lakes is its being handmade and artificially created. They are peaceful, beautiful and worth the time spend on its banks. You can have picnic and take selfies and photos of your beloved ones with the lake and the beautiful birds as the backdrop.
  • Tourists should not try out other shopping means apart from street shopping: Street shopping is one activity that every tourist should indulge in. Otherwise, indulging in other shopping forms will be only mere waste of time and money. The street markets are filled with hawkers and shops selling a variety of exquisite Rajasthani handcraft items like jewellery, clothing, handmade painted t-shirts, handicrafts, paintings, etc. Old City is the best place to be to enjoy your shopping session and get products worth the investment.

This city does have lots to offer. But you need to book the taj lake palace Udaipur to enjoy the surroundings and ensure nothing is missed out from your itinerary.