The Quizopedia App: Quizzing made easy

To radically change the education system and give the student a break from traditional classroom learning, there is an appalling need for adopting quiz culture in schools. Technology can help as a facilitator by driving innovation making quizzing easy, accessible and enjoyable for kids.

Apart from the evident benefits of expanding a student’s knowledge and scouting new skills at a very young age, quizzes redefine the education system. Having General Knowledge as a subject is important for kids. 

The Quizopedia is an educational platform that makes kids ready for future quiz competitions. The quizzes offered by The Quizopedia are so much fun to answer that your ward will learn GK willingly. It contains a lot of trivia questions and answers that will increase the general knowledge of your kids.

The Quizopedia is designed with school kids in mind. This quizzing app makes it easy for kids to use it on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop.

A quiz buff can quit the quiz anytime. Once the quiz is finished, he/she will have the option of reviewing the answers. If the user does not answer a question and skip it by clicking on the next button then that question will be shown as unanswered on the quiz review page. To offer the user the summary of a quiz, all you will have to do is wait for your quiz to end and once you finish the quiz compare it with the actual answer to the question. This ensures that the child can assess her preparedness in terms of how much she knows correctly. And whatever she answers wrong, the correct answers help her brush up her knowledge.

The Quizopedia app will help the kids to improve their memorizing skills. By using this quiz app at schools, teachers can fasten the education process by effectively asking students to take part in quizzes, while keeping it interesting and engaging. This quiz app is perfect for school kids where kids are capable enough for understanding and memorizing basic facts. The quizzes here correspond with CBSE and ICSE curriculum while assuring children an edge in subjects like mathematics, history, science and more.  

Each quiz can have like 15 to 25 questions depending on the category selected. One of the things that I love most about The Quizopedia is that the report is shared in an email including the questions and answers, something that I have never seen in other online quiz platforms.

The quizzes are set up for four different groups: Primary, Upper Primary, Middle and secondary. This is to make sure that the quizzes are not too challenging that the child gives up or too easy that he is instantly bored. 

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One thing I like about this application is that it comes with an unlimited practice test that puts your child on the right track of learning. It has a good collection of informative videos that enable your ward to take the benefit of visual learning techniques.  

So, with all that in mind, I think The Quizopedia has the potential, particularly if someone looking for a platform that allows their kid to learn with fun quizzes and win gift points. From my personal experience, I would be recommending you to have this app for your kid. The ability to incorporate questions is wonderful.

The Quizopedia is available on both Android and Apple.