Railway Restaurants Vs Railway Pantry

People love to travel and explore the new places. People travel to relax from their busy life and explore the new and amazing places of the world. People mostly travel through trains as they are economical and affordable for all the persons. In India, more than 70% people travel through train.

If we compare Indian Railways with the past decades, there is a lot of improvement in the tracks, stations, trains, etc because a large portion of budget is allocated to the Indian Railways. A separate Budget is made every year for the Railways. There is a noticeable development in railways. Train food Service is also provided in the trains. But when we talk about the food being served in the trains, the quality of food is decreasing day by day, passengers fall ill after the consumption of food being served by railways. There is no improvement in the food delivering system of railways and the quality of food being served. They are not able to serve passengers properly and people are not satisfied with it. Due to which passengers prefer railway restaurants over the food from train’s pantry.

There is large no. of mobile apps available these days to book Air tickets, Train tickets, to book hotels, etc. Digitalisation is playing a huge role in this development of businesses and mobile apps.To eliminate the issue of poor-quality food served by railway restaurants, many companies have started their operations of food delivery in trains. They deliver delicious, healthy, hot and fresh food to the train passengers within the allocated time. Food is delivered from famous and reputed restaurants with which companies have partnered and also with zero ordering charges. Passengers are able to enjoy best meals during their journeys, by just ordering their food through a mobile application. They offer a large variety of food items like Indian, Italian, Veg, Non-veg. The food is available at reasonable prices, well packed in containers with proper cutlery, etc. They also provide a complaint redressal system, if food is delivered wrong or if the quality of food is poor. Consumers can easily provide the feedback.

The main benefits that the food delivering apps offer are as follows:

  • Variety: Passengers on train are provided with several choices. If a person is travelling doesn’t mean that his wishes cannot be fulfilled. As companies have partnered with reputed restaurants, which will be delivered within time.
  • Good services: People just have to order the food and rest will be taken care with extreme accuracy, quality and preparation of food, delivery and packaging of food on time.
  • Customer Assistance: They provide 24×7 customer care assistance and support to the customers. They can provide their feedback also regarding the quality of food, packaging and delivery time.
  • Order Tracking: People are provided with one more feature i.e. food tracking facility. They can easily have access to track their order via food delivery app.

People find the railway restaurants which provide food in the train of good and better quality as compared to the food provided by the railways.