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Japanese food is famous all over the world for its flavory ingredients and savory taste. One of the places where Japanese cuisine is famous is the multi-ethnic city of Boston. Japanese food is welcomed there with all warm hearts and moreover is quite popular amongst people there especially with some scrumptious dishes like sushi’s, prawn mixes and shrimps etcetera accredited to its account.

 Famous Japanese dishes

The Japanese cuisine culture is based on the rule of 5 in the top Japanese restaurant Boston. This means that along with the flavors of combination special spices and condiments what matters the most is the 5 colors which are black, white, red, yellow and green. These five colors can be found in any of the traditionally cooked Japanese meal. These colors help in presenting the food with pretty aesthetic charms. Some of the best traditional dishes from Japan are:

  • Sushi: Clearly sushi is one of the major attracters of the Japanese culinary art. This dish is ancient and is believed to be originated in Japan itself. The formational procedure of this dish was discovered when fish were preserved in the containers containing fermented rice. However in today’s contemporary era sushi is made with mixing rice and vinegar together and serving it with fresh fish using different styles of presentation.
  • Tempura: In this dish the seafood or the vegetables are firstly minced in the batter and then fried. Herein a special caution is needed in regard to the way of cutting of the ingredients and the temperature at which the batter is kept and the oil. For the perfect tempura to be made the batter needs to be at a significantly low temperature that is in cold surroundings and the oil at high temperature that is very hot. The mixed combination of both results into the formation of the perfect tempura.
  • Yakitori: This dish is a bite size or a skewer dish. This dish uses almost all of the parts of the chicken including its heart its liver and also chicken comb. Yakitori is the most recent dish of Japanese cuisine which came way long after the development of sushi and other seafood as staple dishes.
  • Udon: They are the noodles which are dense and chewy in nature. They are typically made from wheat flour. It is the most versatile dish as it can be eaten in either ways either hot or cold and can be customized as per the persons will.

Cooking techniques

Almost allbest Japanese restaurantbostonarea has the most experienced chefs who will cook the world’s most tasty dishes in the most succulent way. However the Japanese food formation rests upon 4 basic cooking techniques which have to be known by all masters and even by the novice setting their foot in the Japanese hospitality industry. These techniques include:

  • Agemono: This technique is used with frying foods like that of tempura.
  • Mushimono: This technique is used for steamed food items like the dishes of custards
  • Nimono: Used to make dishes which are boiled like mizutuki and yosenabe
  • Yakimono: Most suitable for making the dishes that are broiled like the yakitori or teriyaki.