One stop shop for all your corporate needs – RAS corporate advisors

Business setup in Dubai is a growing industry that faces immense competition and one that attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. Although the entire process for business setup in Dubai is a stringent and difficult process, professional guidance and consultancy from RAS corporate advisors can allow you to avail a wide array of corporate services for business setup in Dubai

We act as a friend in need for all those who are struggling to establish a firm footing in the corporate world. we provide clients from all over the world with a one stop shop for all their business setup in Dubai needs which makes us the only such service to offer so. Our expert team exercises years of experience in the industry and we follow an elaborate and committed 7-point plan that reflects our mission. 

  • We offer the quickest and easiest services for business setup in Dubai
  • We have a competitive pricing policy 
  • We provide a direct local sponsor which removes any need for an agent 
  • Our client comes first which is why we have a 96% customer satisfaction rate 
  • We provide you with the best and most suitable representatives for your needs 
  • Your data is protected and remains confidential 
  • Our two core aims – integrity and diligence for your business setup in Dubai

In addition to all our corporate services, we also offer legal professional services that comprise of the widest range of options that you want to avail for business setup in Dubai. our comprehensive consultation ranges from, setting up businesses to liquidating your company in the easiest and most hassle free manner. Here is a broad list of all the services we offer in compliance: 

  • Company formation and licensing: our professional consultants will provide you with customized solutions and innovative ideas that will lessen your worries, are affordable and will be tailored specifically for your business 
  • Sponsorship and visa services: for the fastest and easiest services in the business sector, RAS corporate advisors provide you with trustworthy and reliable options for local sponsorships and visa services. 
  • Pro-services: our public relations officers will aid you in efficiently managing any documentation and other related processes to reduce any issues and hassles you may have 
  • Banking assistance: we have in-house banking counters plus strong relationships with various banks allowing us to securely and quickly open up a corporate bank account for you
  • Advisory and legal services: we will handle all your legal matters to ensure your business functions smoothly and effectively from the start
  • Corporate services: for business setup in Dubai we offer proficient an sophisticated services for your corporate venture 
  • Company liquidation: this is a stringent procedure in the UAE which is why RAS corporate advisors provide lucid compliance and professional assistance in this matter so you can easily go through this process without any hassles 
  • Commercial due diligence: every commercial transaction must be monitored and kept and eye on which is why we provide assistance and advisory services so that your financial transactions remain secured and protected throughout