Know The Specifications Of Chevrolet Blazer 2020 Before Purchasing It

Anyone willing to buy a street oriented, cool crossover with Camaro inspired look and design, the Chevrolet Blazer 2020 is your car. Moreover, it is quite distinguished from its competitors by offering sporty driving traits that makes any ride a joyful one. However, before you decide, ensure going through its specifications in detail. You will understand why people are interested in buying this model from Chevrolet dealer Houston.

Pricing and trims available

Before going through any other detail let’s go through pricing for each trim available in the market. This vehicle comes in 6 different trims for people to choose. The base one is L which starts from a price of just $29,995; next is LT which will cost an individual around $33,500; 2LT is priced at $34,000 approximately.

After these three comes the models equipped with ample features and everything that one can dream about when buying a new car. 3LT cost $38,195; RS is priced at $42,500 and lastly, the best loaded model Premier is available from $43,895.

Engine and performance

The standard engine for this vehicle is four-cylinder 2.5L engine that will offer 193 horsepower. The V6 3.6L engine will produce a whopping of 308 hp. Both of these engines are paired with automatic nine speed transmission. However, the V6 is available only with AWD drivetrain.

Though the FWD offers substantial amount of power when driving around town or on highway, the V6 provides impressive acceleration along with confidence to overtake cars on highway easily.

This car reaches 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds or less which is quite speedy for a vehicle in this class. FWD drivetrain models have the ability to tow 1500 pounds maximum but the AWD one can easily tow a maximum of 4500 pound.

Interior and infotainment

The design of this car is influenced by Chevrolet’s Camaro. It comes equipped with intuitive control for climate inside car. The fancier models also sports flashier materials and leather surfaces that gives on the luxurious feel when driving this car. Also, it has ambient lighting for interior portion, ventilated and heated front as well as rear seats. This car has ample space for people travelling in it and a huge cargo space that makes life easy for all!

Fuel efficiency

It is estimated that this four-cylinder vehicle will offer 22 mpg when in a city and as high as 27 when driving on highway. Furthermore, all the models use start-stop technology for improving fuel efficiency. The fuel efficiency is on par with its competitor vehicles which are in the market. For more details on this matter one can simply visit Houston Chevrolet dealer.

Driver assistance and safety features

Chevrolet is known for their innovative technology when it comes to driver assistance and safety features. Though the bass model lacks some of the features most are available in the rest like blind-spot monitor, rear parking sensors, alert for rear crossing traffic, etc. The RS and Premier versions are the only one that comes with

  • Assistance for lane keeping and warning for lane departure
  • Automatic emergency brake system and warning for forward collision
  • Adaptive cruise control

Now you can understand why this car is so popular among the masses. Take a test drive today and check out the pleasure of driving this car yourself.