Here’s The Best Way to Maintain Your House’s Teak Furniture

One of common concerns of homeowners who want to invest on outdoor furniture is maintenance. Many think that you need to put so much effort and time in maintaining, cleaning, wiping, and oiling outdoor furniture products. While this true to many types of furniture, some do not necessarily require thorough maintenance, say teak outdoor furniture.

According to furniture aficionados and landscaping Sydney professionals, teak is popular outdoor furniture because of its elegance, durability, and convenience to maintain. If you are looking for durable outdoor furniture item that does not require meticulous maintenance, then you teak furniture should be on your top list. Teak furniture products are notably resistant to rotting, swelling, warping and even shrinking, which make it a good choice for outdoor use. However, this does not mean you can leave your teak furniture items outdoor without taking care of it. Light maintenance and care are still important if you want your furniture to last for years.

Teak wood contains natural oil, which keeps water from seeping into it. This is why teak outdoor furniture products are best for outdoor use because they are not problematic even when left under the rain, intense sunlight, and even strong winds. Also, the oil protects it from pests like termites. Teak wood furniture is usually golden honey when new and turns to light gray as it olds.

A common debate among furniture manufacturers and furniture owners is whether or not putting oil on teak furniture is necessary. While most teak manufacturers do not recommend putting oil on such furniture because its natural oil is sufficient to cope with wear and tear, many like to apply oil on their teak furniture to slow down its aging process. Applying teak oil on such furniture will keep its golden honey color much longer, making it look newer than its true age. However, if you choose to apply teak oil on your furniture, you should redo it at least every three months or so to maintain. This is because oil application could deplete the wood’s natural oils, which make it dependent to teak oil.

As landscaping Sydney experts say, if you want to maintain your teak furniture without having to apply teak oil, you may want to go for teak sealer. Unlike teak oil, teak sealer does not affect the furniture’s natural oil. Hence, if you apply teak sealer on your furniture, you don’t have to redo it every three months. Once you stop from applying teak sealer, the furniture will just simply turn gray and age naturally.

Reputable Australian outdoor furniture manufacturers carry teak outdoor furniture of various designs and styles. Hence, if you wish to turn your dull patio or garden with teak furniture, you may want to invest on at least a set of teak furniture. Since teak can withstand even the worst weather-related beating, you should not have a problem maintaining it. In fact, if you properly take care of your teak furniture, it can become your family’s heirloom.

Since teak furniture products can come with different designs and styles, you may have a hard time picking the right one for your patio, garden, or pool area. This is why it is recommended to ask for an expert’s advice. By consulting with an outdoor design professional, you can know what type of teak furniture you should get. An expert’s opinion can spell the difference because it will help you come up with pleasing outdoor design.

Another factor to consider when shopping for teak furniture is the manufacturer. Make sure that you will get your furniture from legitimate and reputable sellers. Since there are many fake teak furniture pieces in the market, you should be extra vigilant of the seller you are dealing with.