Gift Ideas for Milestone Anniversary Celebrations

Gift Ideas for Milestone Anniversary Celebrations

Flowers have been long associated with love and romance. They have played an essential role in expressing different emotions. The subtle beauty of flowers and celebration of love go hand in hand. We often associate celebrating love by gifting delightful fresh anniversary flowers. And indeed, we can’t get enough of this trend. Even today the tradition of gifting flowers on the wedding anniversary is regarded as the most exotic way of expressing love.


Furthermore, during the Victorian Era, couples used to exchange different kinds of flowers to express each of their heartfelt emotions. Thus, to help you adopt this beautiful tradition, here is the list of flowers as per your specific anniversary milestone.


1st Anniversary: Carnation

Available in different hues and exhibiting different emotions, Carnations are the perfect flowers to mark first anniversary celebrations. Each of the carnation shade is indicative of different emotions, red symbolizes admiration, white symbolizes innocent love, and the pink symbolizes commitment and promise for years to come.

3rd Anniversary: Sunflower

It is believed that gifting sunflowers shows of being an ardent admirer. Reflective of warmth, nourishment, and strength these flowers exemplify constancy and devout loyalty.

5th Anniversary: Daisy

Daisies symbolize gentleness, purity, and innocence. In Victorian times these flowers were used to predict the romantic future by plucking petals one by one. So, if it’s your sweet 5th anniversary, send flowers to Noida Online with MyFloralKart in no time.

10th Anniversary: Daffodil

As in love and romance, Daffodils mark the commencement of new beginnings. Encapsulated in enchanting fragrance, and exotic freshness, these adorable blooms are symbolic of chivalry and love.

15th Anniversary: Rose

When it comes to expressing love, nothing can beat the essence that roses have. These flowers are ideal for your 15th-anniversary celebrations. These romantic flowers symbolize love, passion, hope, and magic. Vibrant and enchanting these flowers are the perfect messengers of love.

25th Anniversary: Iris

Iris, the emblem of the most romantic country, France imbibes many of the best characteristics of a happy married life. They symbolize faith, promise, wisdom, hope, and valor.

30th Anniversary: Lily

Celebrate your majestic milestone of 30th anniversary with beautiful hues and fragrance of lilies. Symbolizing magnificence, pride, devotion, and beauty, these flowers are a testament to your happily married life.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolus

When you have so many years to recall, Gladiolus are the best flowers to go with. Exhibiting sword-like leaf shape, these flowers represent reminiscence. They are also evident in exhibiting infatuation and vibrancy, telling the recipient that his/her love is strong enough to pierce the heart.

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses & Violets

When it is a grand celebration of successful half-century completion then definitely you need something more. To mark the specialness of occasion you need more than one flower. Subtle yellow shade of roses combined with pretty violets serves as the perfect combo. The lush Yellow roses have long been known to be gifted to mark anniversary celebrations. Moreover, the Violets exemplifying modesty, virtue, and faithfulness are evident to the enduring commitment of your long relationship.


Hence, you have got a lot to convey with beautiful and fresh blooms. So, hurry up send flowers to Kerala Online and other states the most hassle-free way with MyFloralKart.