Dried Flowers Trends of 2020 : You need to know

Using dried flowers in different various is an old 4000 years old trend that is making its rounds again. Yes preserving or drying flowers dates back to the time of Egyptians. These dried flowers were presented and used in funeral ceremonies wherein each flower was chosen for its symbolic meaning within their religion. Thus from Ancient Egypt to Victorian England these dried flowers have made their way back in 2020. Customers would be in benefit because now they would know what they should do with their flower arrangement they bought a week back. This way any flower arrangement they buy would provide more utility now on as customers would know different uses and dried flower trends. This growing DIY movement and popularity of natural elements and products have made these dried flowers see a new light.

Thus we are here with some 2020 dried flower trends which you must know so you can use it in your day to day lives.

  1. Beautiful dried bouquets

This trend is becoming quite popular in the wedding. People have been gifting their loved ones vintage style bouquets and arrangements that are completely made out of dried flowers. And there are some which are made with fresh flowers but decorated using dried flowers. Dried seed pods and lavender are a popular choice when talking about beautiful dried flower bouquets. More and more weddings now how this type of décor wherein dried flowers, seed pods, lavender etc are incorporated into a fresh floral arrangement. Send flowers to your loved ones and convey your wishes to them through fresh and stunning blooms.

  1. Preserved stems and greens

Nowadays people have been preserving larger stems and greens like eucalyptus which is later added to the vase. This type of vase arrangement can make a focal point in a room such as a living room or bathroom. Dried and pressed flowers, stems and greens are also used in making shadow boxes and frames so you can use this as gift for your loved ones for special occasions and this type of gift would be so much admired by environmentalists as they are sustainable and eco friendly gifts.

  1. Dried flowers phone case

The pressed dried flowers are used in clear phone cases. Thus a modern spin is given to these phone cases and dried flower phone case is totally popular amongst millennial. This type of phone cases look so unique and it also has a vintage touch to it. So you can gift this type of phone covers to this generation for their birthday and special days and they would absolutely love this gift. Give order to online florist for sending gifts to your friends and relatives for important occasions and festivals to convey your greetings for the same.

  1. Frame and wreath

Pressed flowers and greens are preserved in frames in shadow boxes. So if you love the idea of having something of dried flowers you can have this pressed flower preserved in frames in your home décor. These dried flower wreaths are ideally for indoors as the flowers are needed to be stored at dry place. So you can simply make wreaths out of dried flowers and try adding dried flowers that have a fragrance like lavender or oregano in your dried flower wreath.

  1. Drying and hanging

One of the methods of preserving dried flowers is drying and hanging and also this is one of the earliest methods of preserving and drying flowers. First you will have to remove all the leaves, tie them in little bundles and hang them upside down out of direct sunlight in a warm and well ventilated area. Each bunch of flowers should contain only one type of flower as a larger bloomed flowers is to be dried individually by the stem. Stems may need to re tied during this process as they tend to shrink. This drying process may take one week to several weeks depending on the flower, humidity and where the flower is being stored.

You may think why this trend is back now there are few reasons, first of which is this is an eco aware generation fresh flowers have a life span of a week while dried flowers are longer lasting and their beauty can be enjoyed for much longer time. Also instead of thinking that dried flowers are substitute of fresh flowers we can think otherwise as dried flowers are as a complement to fresh flowers. Also dried flowers are low maintenance you do not have to take much care of them and this generation is about minimalism and dried flowers make minimalist home décor. We hope you got complete insights on dried flower trends of the year 2020 and you can also incorporate in your daily life.