CSR: What Is It? Can It Get You Any Perks?

Have you ever heard about the concept of corporate social responsibility? Have you ever participated in any such program?Well, in the business world, the financial bottom-line and that of shareholder return on investment have long been the chief drivers for companies in gaging their success.  It would add up to your knowledge that during the time of 1950s and 1960s, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate citizenship arose as an alternative priority for companies and organizations to consider.

Speaking of corporate Social Responsibility, it is about an organisation taking responsibility for the influences of its decisions and activities on all factors of society, the community and even the environment.  You can find different corporate social responsibility programsproviding mis management information system taking place for the betterment.Corporate Social Responsibility is more than simply donating money or printing double-sided to save the trees, it is all about doing contribution to the health and welfare of society, operating in a transparent and ethical manner. More importantly, such a way of operating should be entrenched in the business, rather than an addition.

What are the perks of CSR for your business?

There are myriad of perks and a few are like:

Ability to have positive influence in the community

Keeping social responsibility front of mind motivates businesses to act ethically and to consider the social and environmental influences of their business. In doing so, companies can avoid or alleviate detrimental impacts of their business on the community. In some instances, organisations are going to find ways to make changes in their services or value chain that do delivers benefits for the community, wherein they once did not.

It buttresses public value outcomes

In simple words, public value is about the value that an organisation contributes to the entire society. A sound, powerful corporate social responsibility framework and organisational attitude can genuinely help organisations cater public value outcomes by concentrating on how their services can make a difference in the entire community. This could happen indirectly, where an organisation’s services allow others to do contribution to the community, or directly through the organisation’s own activities, like that of volunteerism and philanthropy.

It underpins being an employer of choice

You know, being an employer of choice characteristically translates into the company’s capability to attract and retain high calibre staff. There are manners to approach being an employer of choice, encompassing catering work life balance, positive working conditions and even that of work place flexibility. Researches shave shown that a powerful corporate social responsibility framework can even help a company become more striking to potential future employees who are searching for workplaces with socially responsible practices, community mindedness and that of sound ethics. Indeed, it would sound and feel so good when you would be a choice of the employees. You would definitely be their preference and that does make a difference.


Thus, the point is, you need to think about corporate social responsibility’s mis project management aspects and encompass the concept of CSR in your working for the best’s outcomes.