Codpts .com offers free CP COD on mobile phones.

Codpts .com offers free CP COD on mobile phones. This news article discusses an online currency generator site for the game.

Do you enjoy playing Call of Duty games? Do you want to know how to get free CP currency to play different Call of Duty characters? If so, this article will greatly assist you in finding a use for this free currency.

Codpts .com claims to offer free CP currency for use in COD games, and you should be aware of this generator website. COD games are popular all over the world, but especially in the United States.

Let’s get started because this will help you save money and gain some knowledge about COD games.

What exactly is a Call of Duty game?

Call of Duty is a multiplayer game that has become the world’s most popular. It is available for free on the Google Play and Apple App Stores. However, there are some items in the game that must be purchased in the COD game, and in order to purchase these items, you must have a game currency CP that is also purchased.

What exactly is Codpts .com?

Codpts .com is a website where you can get free COD Mobile CP.  Codpts .com is compatible with a wide range of games, including Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale, Arena of Valour, and others.

Simply create an account and login to use the site. Then choose the game you want to play and how much CP you want to receive.

Codpts .com will provide you with a one-of-a-kind code that you can use to redeem your game rewards.

Many players frequently purchase this virtual currency with real money. However, there are several ways to obtain CP in COD Mobile. One of them is Codpts .com.

How to Make Use of Codpts .com

We also have Codpts .com on our list, which promises visitors free COD Mobile in-game money.

  • Visit the Codpts .com website.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Start Earning CP Today.
  • Then, enter your COD username and press ENTER.
  • Complete the tasks assigned by to obtain free CP.
  • Fill in the amount of CP you want to earn in COD Mobile and press the Start button.
  • Finally, wait a few seconds for the verification process to complete.
  • CP will be available in your game’s inventory after verification.

Is Codpts .com website Legit?

If you’re wondering if Codpts .com is legitimate, the answer is no.

This website claims to offer a Call of Duty Mobile Points CP Generator, which will allow you to obtain free in-game currency.

The truth is that this is a bogus website designed to trick users into disclosing personal information

So, if you come across this site, we recommend that you avoid it and look for another source for your Call of Duty Mobile requirements.

People enjoy a variety of games, including Call of Duty. It is one of the most popular games in the world, particularly in the United States. This game is free to play, but in order to use the game’s other features, you must have some CP currencies. As a result, people frequently search for a free site that offers free CP currencies.