Check out Specifications of the New 2020 Chevrolet Trax

Numerous SUVs are available in the market; among them, Chevrolet Trax 2020 is quite a compelling one. It is quite spacious and offers several features as a standard option. Thus, more people are willing to buy it from Smithfield Chevrolet dealership. However, knowing this much about a vehicle and buying it is never a good decision, which is why you can read all about its specifications and more below.

Engine performance and power

Unlike other SUVs, Chevy offers Trax with just one engine and without any optional choice. It is fitted with a four-cylinder 1.4L turbocharged engine which produces 138 horsepower. Though the number seems low, it offers sufficient power and rides quality which makes people opt for it.

It is ideal for using in a city and acceleration on highway aids in keeping up with its competitors. Also, it is paired with a 6-speed transmission (automatic) that is smooth enough for people driving it and seamlessly downshifts. The FWD drivetrain of Trax 2020 takes about 9.3 seconds for reaching 0-60 mph.

This vehicle offers steady handling along with the firm ride, which often makes people feel this vehicle sturdy. Also, its quick response to steering is the reason for its agility, especially in urban areas and parking spots.In addition, it offers the best and strongest brakes among all of its competitors, which makes it one of the safest SUV to drive around ina town.

Lastly, it is quite a fuel efficient car that offers 24 mpg in a city and 29 mpg on the highway, which makes it better than most of its rivals. When combines, it will offer 26 mpg, which is more than enough for people looking to buy an SUV.

Cost of each model

Trax 2020 comes in 3 different trims, namely LS, which costs $22,295; The LT version is sold at $24,195, and lastly, the Premier model is priced at $28,595. Most people opting for this car chooses the LT model as it offers an abundance of features and a far better ride quality than the LS option.

The AWD version of Trax 2020 will cost one $1500 more. Also, people are suggested to opt for some basic packages which consist of LT Convenience that offers push start button, keyless entry, power-adjustable seats, etc. Also, one should include the Driver Assistance option that offers features like sensors for rear parking, monitoring blind spot, alert for rear traffic and more. You can know more from Smithfield Chevrolet dealer.

Interior comfort

With high seating and a spacious cabin, Trax 2020 offers a lot. Also, it has well-integrated features that include 7-inch touchscreen display for infotainment and more. It offers an upscale look due to its design as well as materials used. Also, it has Wi-Fi, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, etc.

These are some of the specifications which you should know about Chevrolet Trax 2020 before buying it. Depending on your requirement, you should either opt for the LT or Premier trim, as the LS might shortfall on your requirement.