Cheap Ways to Enhance Indoor Lighting

The importance of lighting is sometimes overlooked when designing or redesigning a home. What a lot of homeowners don’t understand is that if their home lighting is spot-on, they might not have to spend as much time and money working on other aspects to improve the general aesthetic. Fortunately, lighting itself doesn’t cost much to get right. Enough knowledge of how colors, shadows and highlights impact a living space can allow you to easily transform any room into your ideal place.

There are a lot of platforms where you can buy gadgets to help enhance the lighting of your home, which makes it a fairly easy task. For electricity related problems and such, you may opt for FirstEnergy services.

Here are some simple tweaks you could adopt:

Use Warmer Tones

Warm toned lights give a living space a much more homely feel than cool toned ones. They create a higher comfort level and are easier to manipulate according to your liking, whereas cool toned lights will most likely seem harsh and gloomy no matter how you use them. Purchasing warm toned bulbs for certain rooms is a great way to upgrade your home’s lighting, and it won’t even cost you an arm and a leg. These lights are the best way to instantly transform any room into a place you would want to spend more time in.

DIY Lamps

The easiest way for any homeowner to make use of the existing light sources in their home is by making their own customized lamps using common household items. There are a lot of origami methods to make paper and tissue lamps, and if done with enough patience, using the right techniques and materials, these can look as good as any other lamp you could buy at a store.

Keep in mind, however, that these kinds of lamps are mostly for ambience – they offer little illumination, and you shouldn’t depend on them s a primary source of light in any room.

Mason Jars

Mason jars have been known to be an important part of a lot of DIYs. Since they are clear and look decent enough as decorations, you can most certainly use them for lighting purposes as well. Put any cheap wireless lights inside mason jars to turn them into a beautiful accessory to any room. You can further decorate them by tying ropes, which are also functional if you want to hang them somewhere.

Another cheap way to use mason jars for lighting is by filling them with candle wax and using them in place of scented candles. These would not only be reusable and last you a very long time, they will also give your home a calmer, more sophisticated feel.

Textured Walls

Believe it or not, textured walls can make a world of a difference on how your lighting looks. Light bounces off walls differently if they are textured, which can give your living space an entirely different look. Textured walls can also create some very interesting shadows too, especially if lamps are placed in a way that the light falls at a downward angle. There is no restriction about this, so you can strategically place them according to the make of your own house.

Hidden Strip Lights

This refers to the kind of lights that illuminate the bottom of steps in a staircase, or lights that can be stuck to the back of a bed’s headboard to create a sort of backlight. Lighting like this might not fit every aesthetic, and often ends up giving a bit of a neon look to a place. You can change this by altering intensity and color of lights, and placing them only where necessary. Since these lights are meant to enhance the look of a place and don’t have a functional purpose, you may get creative and use them however you please.

Go for a Soft Glow

For creating a certain atmosphere, going for a softer light intensity might be the best option. This tip is only for rooms where comparatively dim lighting would work, for example, the bathroom or living room. For places like the kitchen and home office, brighter lights would definitely be your best option.

Fairy Lights

The best way to create the perfect indoor ambience is through string lights. This is because not only are these lights extremely cheap and consume barely any electricity, there are endless creative ways through which you can incorporate them into your home décor.

Fairy lights come in all shape, lengths and colors. You can hang on curtains, wrapped on railings and taped to walls. There are no restrictions, and all you really need is an outlet nearby to plug them into, but even that isn’t a necessity, considering that battery operated versions are also available. The only downside is that they might not last very long, and can get shorted fairly easily; considering their perks though, it’s definitely an option worth considering.


Smart lighting may seem like a big investment in the beginning, but it’s worth in the long run. There are a lot of options available for all sorts of different homes and desired moods, however, if you still want cheaper options that will work with your existing lighting setup, the previously mentioned tips will certainly help you improve the overall look of your home substantially.