Chardham Yatra package price in 2024

Chardham Yatra by helicopter package

Chardham Yatra package price in 2024

What is the Chardham Yatra?

It is renounced as the most pious and sacred holy pilgrimage of Hindus in Uttrakhand. It comprises of the four mesmerizing and spiritually enlightened temples of Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.The chardham yatra is indeed a soulful adventure for the devotees. It is the Once In A Lifetime Experience.

The chardham yatra is also said to be a difficult one because of the tricky locations of these four holy temples. Despite of the risk and challenges of the Chardham Yatra, the devotees plan the trip years before, they come in lakhs of numbers from all around the globe to take the blessings and worship the Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath deities.

To plan your trip for th char dham Yatra you need to register your char dham Yatra packages.There are various travel agents, travel companies who start taking the bookings for the chardham yatra almost a year ago.

For planning the chardham yatra trip, you need to take note of the opening dates of these four holy places Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

According to the opening dates, you could start booking your trip as per your convenient travel time and your budget of course.

The budget of the chardham yatra depends on the package you choose and the number of days of your travel.

If you wish to travel further, you can opt for the chardham helicopter package. It would again depend upon your budget that you have set for the char dham Yatra package.

Visiting the char dham Yatra by helicopter, indeed saves your time and energy, but it might not be the most cost-effective way if you wish to travel budget friendly.

In 2024, the tentative travel dates opening for the char dham Yatra are around 22nd-25th April and will close in November 2024.

You should also know that after thesw closing dates , the chardham yatra is closed for the next six months due to the snowfall and unpredictable weather.

There are many travel companies who get you tailor made packages for your best travel to char dham , according to your budget.

These travel packages are value for money and could be booked in no time, without much hustle.

Coming to the char dham Yatra by helicopter packages, these packages are more suitable for the elderly people and for those who are running short of time.

In fact when you do the char dham Yatra by helicopter and road, you also get to visit some more holy places like Janakichatti, Surya kund, Shani Dev temple, Hanumanchatti, Bhairavnath temple, Gauri Kund, Brahma Kapal, etc. around the chardham destination.

The helicopter services for th char dham are available from Dehradun, you could reach Dehradun by your convenient travel by air or train or by road.

The helicopter packages for the char dham starts from 1 lakh rupees and can go up to 2.5 lakhs as per your chosen itenary.

You could spend and book the char dham helicopter travel package as per your custom made requirement too.