Best 6 features of Text to Speech Solution

The TTSText to Speech is an advanced technology helping organisations convert written texts into a speech format. With continuous improvement, the software can produce more natural, human-like sounds making the customer engagement process easier and more effective. The software has several built-in features that make it a go-to software that automates the customer engagement process and helps attract and retain more customers. Today, contact centers rely on AI and use the text-to-speech Indian English software for client communication. As opposed to the popular perception, the audio does not sound robotic. It’s more human-like, paving the way for a more comfortable and natural conversation.

The text-to-speech Indian English software has several features that make it a great technology to rely on to better connect with the customers. It offers an enhanced customer experience leading to high customer satisfaction. The software supports and transcribes the customers’ calls efficiently on a large scale. Businesses can analyse client conversations and make informed decisions regarding providing an enhanced customer experience. They can drastically improve service quality, streamline business communication, and build strong customer relationships. The AI helps analyse the client conversations on different factors such as emotions and hold time sentiments providing clarity on the QA aspect. Contact centers gain a competitive edge with such in-depth analytics as they can make informed decisions to strengthen client communication and improve customer relationships.

 Let’s discuss the best 6 features of the Text to Speech solution.

  1. Human-like voice quality: The software makes client communication more natural and effective with human-like voice quality. The solution helps the organisation provide an enhanced customer experience with an Indian-based accent in a humanised sound, making the engagement process more natural.
  2. Voice Control Quality: There’s nothing like customising the voice quality and producing the quality that matches your business requirements. Companies can customise the voice quality and emphasise the text and speech rate as per the requirement. The text–to–speech software enables to control the pronunciation and volume, which helps reach the target audience in the desired manner.
  3. More IVR options: The IVR provides a robust client communication system that offers the customers several options to resolve their queries. By adding the recorded voice to the existing IVR script, companies can provide customers with several options to help them resolve their questions quickly.
  4. Multiple Languages: The software offered today by reliable cloud telephony companies is embedded with global vocabulary, including several Indian accents apart from Hindi and English. The software is equipped to offer English and Hindi TTS services, and it works with other languages. It helps to cater to a broader audience comfortable in languages other than Hindi and English.
  5. Customisation: One of the best characteristics of the software is that businesses can customise it to meet their unique requirements. They can customise the speech and the voice modulation and adapt it to the nature of the campaign. They can customise this speech software based on the product or service they are selling and create a better customer engagement environment.
  6. Reminders/ Alerts: It is one of the highly beneficial features of the software, which sends automated reminders for appointments, due dates, and events. It automates the customer engagement process and effectively engages the audience.


AI has revolutionised how companies interact with their target audience and engage them with the help of AI. It has made client communication more manageable, and the insights derived from the software help businesses understand their audience well and communicate with them better. Get the various advantages of artificial speech software’s advanced features that provide human-like conversations.

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