Adopting AWS in Call Center Services to Transform Customer Experience

With the advent of technology, organizations are experiencing the storm of digital development. the organizations are implementing new modes in the structure of the business, in order to maximize the rate of output.

The call center services are one of such, that is facing the adoption of technology, with day to day growth. Technologies like AI, Blockchain and Cloud can be examined under the umbrella of the call center, these days.

Today, the data is exceeding exponentially at an agile velocity. Thus, in order to regulate the effective flow of services in the call center, the organizations are migrating their moves to the Cloud.

Cloud– The Future of Call Centers:

Security and speed is the raised obligation by all domains and industries. Cloud is the seamless experience, propagating the efforts of one, in a quick and fabricated manner.

Cloud enables to zip the customer data and regulate associated call center services in an operational manner. The organizations are implementing the Cloud, based on the selected plan and size of the infrastructure.

Basically, the cloud is categorized into 3 forms, offering distinct solutions for successful call centers;

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Role of AWS in Defining Reliable Call Center:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the part of holding company, Amazon. It is one of the most powered cloud computing platforms, offering scalable services on the basis of ‘pay as you go’.

AWS is considered as the vital means when the call centers tend to migrate to the cloud for escalating their call center services.

According to reports, AWS owns 34% of cloud offering solutions as compared to its competitors, IBM, Google and Microsoft who own the mass by 6%, 8% and 11% respectively.

Therefore, it is easy to understand the graph of leaned profit structure and dependability for exceptional customer service.

The outrage of AWS has set a scale of tough competition amid service provider as well as call center owners. Therefore, it can be assimilated that AWS is delivering its inquisitive service by re-defining the purpose of the call center.

Building A Call Center with AWS Connect!

The AWS show cast its prevailed use in varied industry type. If the organization is planning to implement the AWS in its call center, it becomes a mandatory job to acknowledge the pre-requisites factor availing cloud-based call center services for delivering effortless services to the customer by creating customer-generic relationship.

Setting up your personal call center may need you to follow the structured roadmap compassing various nodes.

Plan Your Instance:

When the call center plans to migrate its services to AWS connect, it is prominent to analyze the set of streamlined solutions by considering each supportive factor.

The team should follow the considerations regarding the installation of additional equipment or retiring the sets of odds.

The call center should be clear enough regarding its moves of disposing of the legacy gears.

Customized Telephone Directory:

Currently, the telephone directory needs to revamp, if one is migrating its call center to AWS. The ported numbers are toll-free, assisting in inbound calls.

Whereas, the outbound call directory still needs customized API, based on the requirement and set of features.

Executing Call Center Migration:

When the call center feels ready to migrate over the connection, it could prioritize the level of workflow from FAQs to the offering of generalized solutions.

Employing Amazon Connect helps in migrating the queues, with the functions of AWS Lambda. Executing the designed plan of migration helps in surpassing delays in the process of call centers.

Deployment and Integration:

Once the process of migration is executed, the Amazon connect can be deployed at various centers, fulfilling the norms of basic requirement such as region, quality of network availability and call center’s mainstream.

Monitoring the Workflow Post Migration:

Once, all the process related to intricate designing completes, it is mandatory to keep a regular check on call center vitals, in order to process the smooth function of organization with the optimized solutions.

Top 5 Benefits of AWS in Call Centers:

AWS is one the recognized name when the organization is planning to migrate the call center services over the cloud.

Most of the call center believes to deliver excellent customer service, in order to gleam in the list of successful authority or organization. The call centers employ each possible trends like, call conferencing, interactive voice response, AI-based Chatbots for turning out to be gem amid the customers and competitor.

The AWS and Cloud offer such great list in the benefit of call centers. Let’s explore more about it…


In the aeon of digitalization, the robustness of the driving system is in high demand. Serving the call centers over AWS or Cloud ensures the criteria of offering the best solutions.

The AWS allows the call center to fight with a set of ordeals, in the scenes of downtime and disaster. Migrating to Cloud enables the executives and respective authority to work remotely, without blocking the way to success by providing excellent customer support.


AWS goes with the service of ‘pay as you go’, which further make it scalable in nature. The call centers can easily avail the scaling services from Cloud service provider as per the requirement and size of an organization.

The call center can upgrade in quantity for a set of services if needed. Also, the call center can remove the particular service, if it finds a far-reaching approach.


AWS offers the service of ‘pay as you go’, that makes it cost-effective in nature. Migrating the call center over the Cloud enables the organizations to cut on the resources of additional hardware.

Therefore, the organization can offer effective customer support to its customers, within the suitable price range via the services of AWS.


Security is the point of astriction among the organizations scaling from small to matured one.

The AWS guarantees the concern of security with the secured structure of Cloud, with the cores of Private network of Cloud. It blocks the action if the operating attempt is detected as a malicious or unauthorized source.

Regular Updates:

Partnering, with AWS, serves you with best solutions of Cloud services. The AWS act as an active channel by cooperating with the regular release of updates, with the state of the art technology.

In Conclusion:

Even though the traditional medium of call center, offers to provide effective and productive results but at the cost of reliability and lack of technological implementation. The lack of duo can backset the call center to run in the race of competition for offering the most effective solutions.

The reliable and trustworthy resource AWS, offer a significant solution for Cloud migration, making the most of the technology.