9 Proven Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Blog

When it comes to developing internet marketing strategies for your blog flvto, there are several things that you need to take into careful consideration. Credibility is the most important thing. So, you should never try to fool your readers. Give them value through your content. Every article that you are posting in your blog must be tightly packed with genuine information that the readers care about.

Needless to say, people love to follow blogs that they trust. There are plenty of factors that determine the success of your blog in the online market, such as how fast your blog loads in the browser, how unique the content of your blog is, how often your blog goes down, the amount of buzz and social media surrounds your blog domain, the number, and quality of other blogs and websites that link back to your blog, and obviously, how well your blog is architected. Following is a brief rundown on the top nine strategies for internet marketing that never fail, provided you are consistent in your efforts and are implementing these strategies properly.

Search Engine Optimization

The best Internet marketing strategies are the ones that help your blog to achieve a more impressive online presence, which is not possible if you have not optimized your blog for search engines. Using the basic organic SEO techniques is the first and most important thing that you must do, regardless of the platform (such as, WordPress) you are running your blog on. Without a large volume of organic poker idn traffic, it will be very difficult for a blog to survive in the online market.

To know whether the SEO techniques you are using are working efficiently, you are also advised to do regular monitoring of how your blog is performing. Stat counter and Google analytics are two great tools that can prove to be very helpful in this regard. These tools will provide you detailed reports about your blog’s performance, such as which page on your blog has the highest bounce rate (people leave immediately without spending much time), which pages are attracting the highest volume of quality traffic (visitors stay and perform specific actions, such as commenting, clicking on ads, etc), where the backlinks to your blog are coming from, which part of the world you are getting the highest volume of traffic from, and an array of other such things.

Offer Newsletters

Offering newsletters is also one of the best Internet marketing strategies that you must work on thoroughly. It can help you get a large volume of repeat visitors. If readers are interested in the information you are providing through your blog, they will like to sign up for your newsletters so that they can get regular updates and special offers from you. However, just because you are offering valuable content through your blog, it may sometimes be not enough to encourage the readers to sign up for newsletters.

You will have to give them specific reasons why they must sign up. A proven idea is to offer them some attractive incentives, such as a free eBook with useful information that they are looking for. Make sure you use a double opt-in signup form, which means the readers must first be asked to subscribe and then should be asked to confirm that they have subscribed by clicking on a link sent automatically to them in their email inbox.

The idea is to build an email list. The longer email list you have, the more easily you can encourage those quality visitors to perform a specific action that should help you to increase revenue from your blog. But, be honest in whatever you do. Your blog can be a success only as long as your readers have trust in you.

Improve Your Social Media Connections

In the last couple of years, the format of Internet marketing strategies has changed significantly. Though the basics remain the same, the rapidly growing popularity of social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) has revolutionized the entire process. These sites provide you an opportunity to connect with millions of people.

This is a wonderful platform to show your target audience that how valuable your blog is for them. But, you must avoid the extra dose of a sales pitch at all costs. The moment these social networking users get the hint that you are trying to sell something to them, they will lose trust in you. So, focus on genuinely giving valuable information. These social media tools also make a great platform to keep your audience updated with the latest posts and developments on your blog.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the oldest Internet marketing strategies and is still going great. As a blogger, you must try to establish yourself as an expert in the subject you are writing about. Distribute some of your high-quality articles to free article directories regularly. These directories also attract millions of visitors daily. If those visitors find your articles interesting, they will be curious to visit your blog.

Video Marketing

With the tremendous popularity of YouTube, it is very much clear that video marketing can be a very powerful way to connect with your target audience. The latest research in various Internet marketing strategies has shown that videos are usually more viral than an article; the transfer rate of getting a word across through videos is extremely high as compared to articles. A new trend is to write blog posts on a particular topic and then add a video also (embedded in the same post).

Public Relations (PR)

Public relations is all about getting your articles, press releases and news into the media that your target audience uses. This kind of publicity will also improve the credibility and visibility of your blog. However, to ensure success with your public relations strategies, you must have a clear idea of who your target audience is and where you can connect with them. You will have to identify those media resources that your target visitors watch and read, such as online discussion forums. For example, one of the best Internet marketing strategies is to publish your press releases, news and articles on Yahoo News, Google News, and Mocospace a large number of free PR websites.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

The above strategies usually do not cost you money unless you hire an expert to perform the actions on your behalf (such as hiring an article writer or a PR agency). But, several proven ways of online marketing require you to spend some money. For example, you can buy the most targeted traffic through pay per click search engine advertising, such as through Google Adwords. The best thing about PPC marketing is that it presents your blog direct in front of your target market.

Whenever a user searches for information about a particular topic that your blog covers, your blog will appear at the top of the search results (why not, you are paying for this). But, here again, your success will depend on whether you are targeting the right keywords or not. For example, bidding for keywords with very high search volume will cost you a lot of money and there will still be no guarantee that your blog will appear in the top search results because of the heavy competition. Therefore, while you are using the PPC Internet marketing strategies, you must be very careful about the keywords or keyword phrases that you are bidding for.

Use Web Intelligence Tools

These days, expert bloggers are also using several web intelligence tools that are affordable and easy to use. For example, Google Alerts has been very popular these days, as it allows you to find out blog posts and online discussions related to the content of your blog. This way, you eventually get an excellent opportunity to participate in that discussion. Provide valuable inputs and you will see how people flock to your blog following the backlink you leave with your comments. The best thing about Google Alerts is that it makes the process of replying to news features and blogs very easy.

Use Web Analytics And Other Tracking Tools

Last, but not least, you are also advised to use web analytics to monitor the progress and to identify the areas of improvement. Many bloggers know that 50% of their Internet marketing strategies fail and do not bring the desired result; the problem is that they never get an idea of which 50%. This is where Web Analytics tools can prove to be very helpful. By reviewing the detailed reports out there, you can easily find out which of your advertising techniques have to be eliminated and where you have to work harder.

The Google AdWords conversion tracker is also a similar tool that can be very useful in letting you know which of your strategies are working and which are not. Overall, if you follow the above Internet marketing strategies properly and if you are consistent in your efforts, it will boost the online presence of your blog and will make it a great success.