6 Best Mac Cleaners

A modern MacBook may need a solid-state drive with just 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, which suggests you’ll see that “Your disk is nearly full” error sooner rather than later. It is important to keep your Mac hard drive clean (not the outside, but inside) to make the most of every gigabyte. Unfortunately, cleaning a Mac isn’t that easy as it sounds. That’s why you may need a Mac cleaner software which can help you free up a decent amount of disk space in just a few minutes.

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To help in getting rid of the Dilemma of which app to choose, I have listed 6 Best Mac Cleaner software on the market.

1. CleanMyMac X

Many users have a tendency to connate generic titled software with deception. However, CleanMyMac is nothing like it. In fact, CleanMyMac is one of the best mac cleaners in 2020. One reason is that the software is laced with some amazing features.

You can start with a unified ‘Smart Scan’ that looks out potential security threats and performance issues, other than a detailed junk scan. Alternatively, you can start with specific clean up sections as well such as Photo Junk, Mail attachments, Malware Removal, and more.

CleanMyMac X offers a stunning shiny gradient user interface that is easy-to-navigate at the same time. You will notice this best in the ‘Space Lens’ section where large files are mapped in small bubbles and you can remove them right there. The Mac cleaner also features an app ‘Uninstaller,’ and ‘Shredder’ that leaves no trace of deleted files. The free trial allows you to remove a maximum of 500 MB of files.


  •       user-friendly problem fixer for Mac
  •       amazing easy-to-use interface
  •       Abundance of features
  •       Malware Remover


  •       One of the most expensive options
  •       The free version only allows for 500MB of file removal

Price – Free trial/ $34.95

Get  the free version of the app from link given below.


2. EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac

EaseUS CleanGenius is a fast and secure Mac disk cleaner & optimizer tool. It cleans up your Mac disk, removing all Trashes like system logs, caches or clutters in simple steps. With this Mac cleaner software, you can reclaim the disk space, making your Mac cleaner and faster with just easy clicks.

Now, EaseUS CleanGenius is featured with a totally brand new UI design and a newly added Browser Plug-ins cleanup feature. It will leave you a pure and quick web-browser like Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox etc without any extensions, cookies, plugins.


  •       Intuitive interface
  •       Great startup optimization feature
  •       Effective cleaning software


  •       Solid overall but not as many functions as other options
  •       The free version is especially limited

Price: Free trial/$29.95

To download the software go to the link provided below.



3. CC Cleaner Pro

It comes with much the same features and a very similar user interface to CleanMyMac.

As you’d expect from your cleaning software, the app removes redundant language files, deleting your browser cache history and finding all of those files gathering dust on your computer. The developers released a free and a premium version of CC Cleaner. The paid version is obviously superior, with more features and built in automation of monotonous tasks. You also get the same additional utilities.

While the Pro version is a good platform, CC Cleaner has more bugs, crashes more often and sometimes misses big files. It also had a significant issue with malware recently, so for the moment I recommend avoiding it.


  •       Affordable
  •       Effective
  •       Analyze function gives a good glimpse into your system


  •       The company has had security issues in the past
  •       The free version has limited support

Price: Free trial/$19.95

Get the software  from the link provided below.



4. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk crucial feature is the colourful and visually appealing circular layout of files and folders accumulated on the basis of size.

All files are grouped in different colours on a visual interactive map. Clicking on a file element, you are forwarded to another interactive circular breakdown of files. You can just drag and drop files to the lower end corner and delete them.A major turn off factor of DaisyDisk is that the trial version doesn’t let you delete files at all. You will have to buy the paid version. Alternatively, you can still use DaisyDisk as a free Mac Cleaner app if you don’t plan on buying the full version — Use the visual interactive map to find large-sized files and delete them manually.


  •       Visually see what folders are taking up space
  •       Beautiful app
  •       Easy to use
  •       Scans of drives are fast


  •       Warnings about deleting the wrong stuff would be helpful
  •       Needs to scan for and label files/folders that are obvious space wasters like temporary Internet cache files

Price – Free trial/ $9.99

Get the software from the link provided below.


5. Drive Genius 5

Drive Genius 5 does a great job using its optimization and de-fragging tools. The software automatically scans your system to identify malware, making it easy to get rid of duplicate files and identify a lot of hardware-related problems. Furthermore, the cleaner repairs most kinds of folder errors and logical files to prevent future problems. Users can explore through 3 functional modules; Protect, Speed Up and Clean Up


  •       Drive testing and repair
  •       Cloning feature
  •       Defragmentation


  •       No recovery feature
  •       Slow malware scanning
  •       Not enough customization of duplicate scanning
  •       Too many email alerts
  •       Expensive

Drive Genius 5 is not free, and you need to make a one-time payment to use any of the three plans:

  •       Standard With BootWell Drive: $94
  •       Standard: $79
  •       Professional: $299 (annual fee)

Get Drive Genius 5 from the link provided below.


6. App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro

The last mac cleaning software mentioned on the list, AppCleaner & Uninstaller Pro is a great application to delete unwanted apps safely along with leftover files. This mac optimizer can disable, or hide login items and launch agents. It can delete leftover files of previously uninstalled apps.

This mac cleaner lets you manage extensions in a single click. It can also reset apps by deleting services files and launch an application just as did the first time


  •       It’s free
  •       Easy to use
  •       Helps remove leftover files from deleted apps


  •       Doesn’t come with other cleaning features
  •       Limited ability to speed up performance on Mac

Get App cleaner from the link given below.