5 Things To Do While Waiting For The Bar Exam Results

Preparing for and taking the bar exam is an arduous task. It is mentally and physically draining. The last three to four months preceding the bar exam you probably had completely shut the outside world and focused your attention entirely on the bar exam for best corporate law firms in india. All your other obligations and commitments took a back seat. Now that you are done and through with the bar exam you would probably like to address issues that you had postponed because of the exam. Also, a major area of concern is to get job after the bar exam.

Now that the exam is over you have all the free time until the results are out. You devoted your full time in the last 3 to 4 months preparing for the exam, so it is very likely that you will find yourself completely lost as you don’t know what to do with your free time.

The three-four months period leading up to the exam results can be quite stressful. There is anxiety within you whether you will pass the exam or not, and that is compounded by the inquisitiveness of family and friends. Those who choose to work immediately after the exam and get hired by a firm have a different kind of apprehension. Their chief concern is what will happen if they fail to clear the exam; will they lose their job or be given another chance to pass the exam? In most likelihood, the employer would wait till you take the bar exam again and see if you are able to get through it.

Whatever the situation might be, whether you prefer to work immediately after taking the bar exam or you want to wait till the exam results are declared, these three-four months before the results are going to be quite stressful. Here are few things you should contemplate doing during this time.


Your first priority after finishing your bar exam should be to forget about everything else and just relax. You have been slogging it out for the last few months, so once you are done with it, just enjoy yourself knowing that you no longer have to toil hard to pass the exam.  Give yourself enough time to ease back into your normal life.


The bar exam, as we all know, can be quite draining, both mentally and physically. Once you come out of the exam fever, try to relax by indulging in some fun activities. There is likely to be errands and obligations that you postponed till after your bar exam. However, you need not feel guilty about them and, instead do things that bring joy to you after going through the grind preparing for the bar exam. Spend time with family and friends, go on a short vacation or do whatever that relaxes your mind. Do whatever you had to forego while you were studying for the exam. You are definitely entitled to it after all the hard work.


Now that you are over and done with the exam, take time off to appreciate those who helped you during your preparation. It doesn’t take much time and effort on your part, but it certainly means a lot to those whom you reach out to. Also, if your employer allowed you to take time off to study, write to them to appreciate their gesture and how it made so much easier for you to prepare for the exam. Anybody and everybody who helped you during your prep should be shown your appreciation for their contribution. Extending a heartfelt thanks to all who helped you during your preparatory days will always stand you in good stead.


Passing the bar exam is only the first step towards achieving a larger goal, that is to get job after the bar exam. And now that it is over, you need to focus your attention to the next step of your long arduous journey. If you have already been hired, you should channelize all your energy towards your work and put in extra efforts to impress your employer. If you are still unemployed, go all out searching for a job. Some of you might be contemplating getting married, starting a family or relocating to some other place, give full attention to whatever you want to do. If you are not too confident of clearing the bar exam, you can think about starting preparation for the next exam. Whatever be your next step, be focused and motivated for that.


Waiting for the bar exam results can be really agonizing. However, if you spend the time anxiously waiting for the results and not doing anything productive, it will be sheer waste of time. To overcome these anxious moments you need to develop some strategies to cope with it. You can think of practicing mindfulness that includes yoga and meditation, to keep yourself away from any negative thoughts.  Reading about successful people who took more than one attempt to pass the bar exam also helps in reassuring your belief.

Though passing the bar exam is compulsory, top legal firms in India are not averse to employing fresh law graduates even before they pass the bar exam.