What Makes Miata MX5 2020 an Excellent Sports Car?

Mazda Miata MX 5 is a car which is loved by the people. This is an iconic model from Mazda that ranks better than its rivals in the car industry. From spectacular design to powerful engine this is a dream car to drive for a lot of people globally. Also, it is the most inquired and booked vehicles from Phoenix Mazda dealership. Also, the new 2020 model comes with several small updates. Overall, it’s one of the best sports cars to drive in 2020. 

Three available models 

This car has three different models which are priced differently. The base model is Sport which starts from $27,500. The next two models include Club and Grand Touring which is priced at $31,210 and $32,590 respectively. 

Most individual choose the mid-level trim Club as it offers ideal balance when it comes to performance along with features and price. Also, now it sports smartphone integration Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as this feature has become standard which was only available as optional features in previous models. 

Moreover, it comes paired with automatic 6-speed transmission, but offers the best experience when a driver opts for manual 6-speed one. In addition, this car is available in hardtop model as well as convertible one; it means one can choose which one an individual prefers. 

Interior and cargo 

This is a 2-seater car which offers a cozy fit. Everything is equipped with high quality materials whether it’s the pedals, shifter, or steering wheel. Also, it has a few storage cabins along with a small trunk. Light packers of to a weekend gateway in this car can pack for two people. However, its leather seats and elegant looking interior often rises above what competitors have to offer. 

Moreover, the Miata comes with touchscreen display for infotainment. What makes everything better is the control knob along with buttons on center console. Also, it has Bluetooth connectivity along with playing CDs. It has HD radio along with standard navigation system. 

Engine specs 

Engine of this vehicle is what sets it apart from its competitors. It is powerful enough to offer stirring acceleration in open roads. It is paired with either easy shifting manual transmission or automatic option. Know more from Mazda near Phoenix

It takes about 5.7 seconds to reach 0-60 mph in convertible model while the hardtop option takes about 5.8 seconds to reach the same. It rides firmly and one can’t feel the bouncy unless it runs over successive bumps. 

The handling is inspired and people always enjoy a ride in this impressive vehicle. Also, people enjoy its tactical steering which is quite responsive and keep one informed about how the car is moving. 

The estimated fuel consumption is quite low. It delivers 26 mpg when driving in a city and 35 or more when on a highway. This proves that it offers better mileage than its rivals in this car segment. 

So, if you are looking for a fun car to drive around, you should take a test drive of Miata MX 2020 version. It will be one of the best experiences of your life! Just try it and you can see it for yourself.